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AboutThe Client

Ikon Equities wanted a clean smooth website to put potential clients at ease as well as a solution to a fill form for potential loans, we were able to create an awesome functional solution with beautiful graphics, an awesome brand and an easy platform!

We went with a very elegant look with blues and greens throughout the site, consistency for us is always key, so you can imagine the look on their face when they saw the completed product! As always we were able to deliver a smooth product and our friends at Ikon our doing great! They were very happy with the corporate look we were able to deliver.









About this project

I enjoyed working on Ikon’s Project as this was a great challenge with a lending and mortgage site. Projects we’ve worked on and or are currently working on with Ikon:

  • Website
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Youtube Content (videos)
  • Seo
  • Google
  • Graphic design (logo)

You Can See This Clients Website Here: www.ikonequites.com

Every Person, situation and business is different. Why limit yourself by becoming a number? We work with your specific needs, demographics and goals to achieve success because one size does not fit all.

Make sure when working with a WebDesiger, Graphic Artist or Social Media Marketer they are always giving you original work ! If you want to have a website a beautiful functional and original website and be as happy as Damon was call us at 1-800-913-GETX (4389)