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AboutThe Client

Damon was looking for a solid solution to creating an identity and brand for himself as a real estate agent. We were able to bring his content to life with a video blog area where he can display all his new videos via youtube. A place for his personal listings that he can always go back to, as well as a strong landing page to introduce himself to new clients. We were able to hit it right on the nose!

As we discussed branding. Damon wanted to keep his logo away from the typical “house” logo that many people see. He goes by “DJ” and I was able to configure a beautiful design of his initials, it turned into an fresh, modern but also professional design. We decided to stick with blues accompanied by blacks & whites to really set the tone and contrast of his branding. As blue signifies comfort this was a great relative color of Damons personality! We keep everything consistent and this will be the Brand Logo and Look moving forward.

Keeping consistency through the process. We designed a Website that was Clean, Straight to The Point and functional. Think of the fake hood scoops that people put on their cars. If theirs no function and it actually tears off after a few years and causes damage to your vehicle (your brand), why short yourself in the first place? So our main goal was to make sure we could make a fast optimized website that would allow Damon to grow as a Real Estate Agent and a Public Figure. By Connecting all of his social media, creating a youtube channel and embedding some of his videos to the site, he will be able to refer clients and viewers alike to his website thus bringing traffic and authority to his site from where potential clients and investors can have a point of contact through all his platforms.

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About this project

I enjoyed working on Damon’s Project as this was a great challenge with an open real estate agent. Projects we’ve worked on and or are currently working on with Damon:

  • Website
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Youtube Content (videos)
  • Seo
  • Google
  • Graphic design (logo)

You Can See This Clients Website Here: www.djrealtysolutions.com


Every Person, situation and business is different. Why limit yourself by becoming a number? We work with your specific needs, demographics and goals to achieve success because one size does not fit all.

Make sure when working with a WebDesiger, Graphic Artist or Social Media Marketer they are always giving you original work ! If you want to have a website a beautiful functional and original website and be as happy as Damon was call us at 1-800-913-GETX (4389)