Video Marketing for Restaurants

BeiRock Wraps – Restaurant Garden City, MI


It was awesome working with Adrian and his restaurant BeiRock Wraps. The food, staff and atmosphere are amazing. Unfortunately the locale has restricted Adrians storefront visibility. We created the logo, menus and layout, but without a digital solution it will be hard to get to this restaurants potential and ceiling. So we created an amazing video to show people the amazing foods and the why behind this place. Adrian loved the work and was impressed with the video. So we discussed video marketing for restaurants and this is our end result.

We also created a Spanish version to reach out to the Spanish speaking community because of the background of the chef as well as the extra touches of Mexican cuisine Adrian Offers we will be setting up marketing and advertisements and dispersing all over Michigan to help his business grow. Also if you’re looking for a multi-lingual video or different versions of it for your video service we are able to do that as well. We can always create duplicate versions of a video to help increase visibility over different languages, especially if that is what your business requires. From bars to restaurants to offices, we cover many aspects of video, but our specialty is understanding how to get clients.

Behind that are also the analytics involved and retargeting the audiences that click on his links. This is true marketing for restaurants and video marketing for restaurants Check out our work below!


And for our Spanish Speaking Friends, here’s that version too!


Our menu designs and photography are second to none! Check out our work below, including the logo and branding. The first thing people ask is how many of these locations do you have? If that’s not a compliment, I’m not sure what is!!




Head over to Mission X Marketing and over to BeiRock Wraps to get some amazing food!